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Over the past few years, the James E. Strates Shows has made Danbury, Connecticut a stop in their busy schedule. The Strates Show is unique because it is one of the few remaining amusement shows that still travels by rail. For the railfan with all it's racked rides, it is probably the most colorful train to chase. For more information about the Strates Show you can visit their home page. Because of the special requirements (oversized carloads) of the Strates Carnival Train, in order to get to Danbury, the train must travel along the Housatonic River on the Berkshire Line. The Berkshire Line actually got it's name during the era of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, but since then has become once again the main line for the Housatonic Railroad. The following is a collection of some of the pictures that I have taken.

The images below are just a sample of what is available. Select the link below the picture to see the whole collection.

2006 Update - Pictures for the 2006 version of the Strates chase have been taken, but there has been a bit of a delay in posting them due to some family emergencies. Despite these problems, I was able to get southbound as well as northbound shots (Shots to and from Danbury) . I will be working on the 2006 pages as time permits, please be patient (thanks). Video clips of the Strates Shows Train are available in the Downloads Section of this site.
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 The complete schedule for the James E Strates Shows can be found here.

Strates Shows Chase 2005

Danbury Brookfield New Milford | North
Kent North Kent Lime Rock / Canaan
North Canaan Stockbridge Lenox Dale

Strates Shows Chase 2004

Lime Rock Cornwall Bridge pI | pII Hatch Pond, Kent
New Milford pI | pII Brookfield Danbury pI | pII

Strates Shows Chase 2003

New Milford pI | pII Cornwall Bridge | West Cornwall North Canaan
Ashley Falls Housatonic pI | pII Stockbridge

Strates Shows Chase 2002

New Milford Danbury Part I Danbury Part II
Part I Part II Part III
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